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12 Days of Mario Badescu: Day 6

Oh my goodness, I can’t tell you all how absolutely insane the holidays have been this last week or so. And during all of the madness, I was in so much need of Mario Badescu’s drying lotion which I’m going to rave to you all about today.


Drying lotion is one of their cult products that initially got me interested in Mario Badescu. When I read about it and all of the great things that it does for people (overnight zit zapper!) I had to try it. It was because of this that I ordered half of the products on their website (which obviously ended up being a bit of a mistake as you can tell from Days 1-5). However, the entire order (and blowing a good amount of money) was worth it, just discover this magical pink lotion.

Their website describes this as “The award-winning spot treatment for whiteheads,” and features salicylic acid, sulfur, and calamine. This trio of ingredients actively fights bacterial growth below the skin while also keeping it relatively calm. Definitely. Now, I will warn you, this stuff only works on certain types of pimples which they allude to when mentioning only whiteheads. I’ve found that this works wonders for my skin if it use it overnight after the very first hint that a pimple is coming. Once you feel that certain deep dull pain when applying pressure to a spot on your face and you know trouble’s brewing, you can apply this using a Q-tip overnight (if its the weekend and I’m staying at home, I’ll wear it all day too!) and it will start working its magic.

Overnight zit zapper? Quite possibly. Two-night zit zapper? Definitely. I have to wear these big masks at work sometimes when working with highly toxic compounds, and because they’re tightly secured onto my face, there is this large round region around my nose and mouth that can break out bad. The mask prohibits my skin from breaking and increases irritation all around. Last week, I felt a big on coming after taking my mask off right next to my nose. Right when I got home, I dabbed my drying lotion on. The next day, I could tell it wasn’t going to fully come to the surface because of my prevention. The second day, it was literally gone. Completely flattened out and no deep pain indicating bacteria at all.

This product absolutely lives up to the reviews and I recommend anyone who struggles even with a small amount of acne purchase this ASAP. You can order it through their website, but the other day I realized I was running out and stopped on my way home at Anthropologie to pick it up in person and use it that night.

Again, I highly recommend and I hope this helps with all of your journeys to loving your skin! I’ll be back soon with more Mario Badescu along with May Lindstrom. I also just placed a big order for an entire Korean Beauty routine, so once I get to know each step and product, you’ll all be the first to hear about it!



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