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12 Days of Mario Badescu: Day 5

Sorry for the late post everyone! I had a session with my trainer last night that made me come home, shower, and pass out. Super sore today, but I just took an epsom salt bath and did a few squats and stretches and I know my muscles are appreciating the extra care lately.

Back to Mario Badescu! Drying cream. I actually read an article today about how Mario Badescu changed someone’s life. She had a lot of recommendations from friends and the internet, and I think that’s why she had so much success with her Mario regime. Drying cream was not on her list (there were a few others that I ordered that I promise I’m getting to).


I don’t have much to say about the drying cream unfortunately. Its texture wasn’t terribly greasy, its scent wasn’t terribly unpleasant…. But it just didn’t do a single thing for my skin. They say it is ideal for under the surface bumps, but I don’t think that it has enough penetrating power to actually reach and treat those bumps (at least for my skin type)  When I was trying this out, I definitely had ample under the surface bumps for it to treat, so I think overall, this product really didn’t work for my skin (combination/dry) and cystic acne. Not a standout product from my haul but I promise that there are a few coming up!



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