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12 Days of Mario Badescu: Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of 12 Days of Mario Badescu! For those of you just joining us, earlier this year, I purchased 12 recommended Mario Badescu products out of complete frustration with my skin. This large and impulsive purchase did not give me the glowing, flawless skin that I had hoped for, but there were a few standout products that I will be purchasing again. However, Day 4’s pick (Buffering Lotion) is not one of them.


Honestly, this was the worst product of my entire order, and maybe my life. I can’t stand the wet chalky texture or the smell. This product was very difficult to work with as well. The website suggests using a drop or two on “under the skin acne” (cystic acne) however, after tipping it over, the solution begins to freely flow out with no control. It is mostly isoporopyl alcohol which as a very low viscosity, so this makes sense, but I still could not get a good handle on getting it out of the bottle to apply it!

Overall, what really did it for me though, was the texture. After applying it, my skin felt this odd greasy, yet dry sensation. This product is a definite no in my book, however there are some great reviews online that speak of how this helped their cystic acne. For my dry skin though, I will not be touching this product again, especially after having found my U.F.O. by Sunday Riley.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season full of cheer!



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