Holiday Season

I know the holidays have been here for a while now, but we finally got all of our decorations in order and its feeling festive around the house now! Because this is our first holiday season together as a legit couple (i.e. engaged) we had no tree, no ornaments, and no other decorations to start off with. So, we had to begin building our collection:

The tree was given to us by my parents who normally have it next to the fireplace in addition to their main, normal-sized tree. This worked out perfectly because we are so limited on space in our tiny one bedroom apartment! Next, I did a little anthropologie order and basically ordered all of their sea creature ornaments along with some baubles! I think our tree turned out great, small and limited as it is. We are very happy with this little start to our lives together.

The holidays are always a time to be with family and remember how much they mean to you. Remembering all of the family get togethers in the past and feeling so connected. But this is different. Because its our first together, everything feels extra magical. Getting to make our own traditions and food and memories; it feels absolutely amazing to be building something up from nothing with my fiancé. Be it our small ornament collection, filling our little apartment, and ultimately starting this wonderful and exciting journey together.

Hope your holiday season is just as magical as mine



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