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U.F.O. by Sunday Riley

So, I will admit that much of this blog creation idea was centered around products. Namely, the products that I use, that I like, that I don’t like, and that I hate.

To start off, I would like to introduce you to U.F.O. by Sunday Riley (Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil).


Once I hit 20, all of a sudden I started feeling these deep cystic pimples that I could never be rid of. I have searched and searched for an answer, trying products from chemically derived Retin-A  to all-natural and organic May Lindstrom. Nothing really helped, until I found this.

Being 22 at the time, I was absolutely fed up with the past 2 years of unruly skin. It was by chance that as I was on the phone with my fiance saying how I need to schedule a dermatologist appointment ASAP, that I walked by Sephora and decided to pop in. They had just come out with U.F.O. and I decided $80 would be cheaper than a pricey derm visit.

I’ve been absolutely hooked since. The hydrating and penetrating oil formulation in combination with active salicylic acid has healed my skin in ways I thought wouldn’t come until I grew out of these hormonal changes. Nothing could penetrate my skin deep enough to actually treat the problems. Slathering on Retin-A always left me with dry, flakey, peeling skin and a pimple still sitting soundly beneath the surface.

And now, my skin is slowly healing from all of the damage and I haven’t had a recurring cystic pimple since (3 months strong now, yeah!) I am thoroughly amazed with this product and recommend it to everyone I know struggling with adult blemishes.

Find it at Sephora and Sephora Online



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