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12 Days of Mario Badescu: Day 1

Mario Badescu is one of those brands that you constantly see and hear about on the skin-obsessed side of the internet. The magic of the pink drying lotion which is rumored to dry up pimples overnight is what drew me to their website and to eventually buying every product that their skincare analysis recommended to me, litereally. I have a bit of an obsession with skincare! So, for the next 12 days, I will be reviewing each of the 12 products that I impulsively ordered earlier this year out of frustration with my face.

Day 1: Special Cucumber Lotion


This toner is advertised on the website as revitalizing and clarifying. The cucumber extract is meant to clear up existing breakouts while removing and controlling excess oil in the skin. While the smell was refreshing and the toner felt nice and cool on my skin during the hot summer, it did not do much for my acne. After using it consistently over a month, I unfortunately saw no improvement and had to move on in search of a different solution.

I should note however, that this is designed for combination and oily skin, and I have combination skin that tends to the drier side. So, overall, I would not recommend this for people with my skin type or cystic acne because I don’t think that can penetrate deep enough to heal those pesky pimples.

See you tomorrow with another Mario Badescu review!



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